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Intelligence and dating

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Ask yourself what your beliefs are surrounding dating. This week I’ve been having some tough love conversations about dating. A Dating Pause: action – A moment taken before making a decision while dating, to see if your choice is in alignment with your relationship goals, and your self worth.

Then, really honestly answer, and consider this – a belief is only a thought that you have thought, over, and over again, until you believe it to be truth. How often individuals are throwing themselves into the dating fray without doing their own heartwork due diligence, first. Example ~ Janet took a dating pause before accepting to go on a date with Jack, and in doing so, realized that he … This is often a hot topic of conversation and you can see the effects of the confusion (or delusion) surrounding it out in the world of dating, especially online. The more I dive into this work, the more my own journey of self discovery deepens.

Resources can be directly observed, but commitment cannot be.

Gauging it requires looking for cues that signal the likelihood of fidelity in channeling resources.

Emotional intelligence is an important, yet overlooked life skill.

I have multiple degrees in the sciences and engineering, and capped with a professional degree: communication is an essential ability - the ability to convey clearly, the ability to express an idea cogently and succinctly, is as necessary in the hard sciences as it is in the soft sciences. While an error every once in a while is forgivable, a message littered with constant misspellings, poor grammar, and poor word choices (there, their, or their; your or you're, etc.) drives me up the wall. IMO, you can see signs that they may be on the dumb side or the more-intelligent side (but intelligent doesn't mean intellectually stimulating or challenging) -- but just in a general, vague sense.In other words, your college GPA and your ability to name the top five pressing current events stories, every capital of every country in Africa and each argument on both sides of the Israel-Palestinian conflict will certainly deem you intelligent.Unfortunately, it’s rare emotional intelligence – the ability to identify emotions in yourself and others and to use this ability to manage your relationships with those around you – comes into play.She found neither to suit her standards in her home town which shall remain unnamed so she moved to the D. area where she landed a great position at a law firm.She soon met her future husband there and as far as I know is living happily ever after.And according to him, , from business consultants to CEOs, from college students to management experts can benefit from a little advice about emotional intelligence.