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Birth marks one of many transitions that will take place throughout the life-span. He sustains the mother and often provides the home, food, shelter, and place to be for her.

Roles are often reversed due to circumstances, decisions, culture, or due to the unanticipated surprises life has in store for all of us.

The child that grows inside the mother has a home, food, shelter, and an identifiable place to be.

It amazed me how few parenting books took that into account.

Obviously, I can't provide therapy to all the parents who are being bullied by kids.

Parents often make excuses for their children’s outrageous behavior, whether it's a preschooler’s tantrum or a teen’s sullen refusal to do what he or she has been asked.

Children who become unmanageable or verbally abusive to their parents are, in fact, —and figured out how frustrated parents can take charge again and restore positive parent-child relationships.