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Assault Police is a commonly used charge by police officers and carries significant potential penalties – penalties that are above the tariff for a common assault so as to deter people from assaulting police officers.

Whilst it is acknowledged that assaults upon police officers can be serious, many are not.

The Corps is now being called upon to explain whether this was meant to intimidate the protestors into thinking that they were being watched by a death squadron.“What was that about?

Either way this behaviour of the police officers was unacceptable and needs to be investigated in depth,” outspoken attorney Hugo Essed – an opponent of President Desi Bouterse – remarked on Monday.

In a statement on Wednesday, Sayed called on ANCYL supporters to attend the court hearing.

Some of the protestors literally want Government to step down.NRS 199.200 Statement of what one does not know to be true.FALSIFYING EVIDENCE NRS 199.210 Offering false evidence. NRS 199.230 Preventing or dissuading person from testifying or producing evidence. NRS 199.450 Peace officer exceeding authority in execution of search warrant. OBSTRUCTION OF CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION NRS 199.510 Provisions not applicable to privileged communications between lawyer and client.But on Tuesday, as the protestors made their way to the streets, a barricade of policemen, some in riot gear, armed with teargas guns and batons awaited them, ready to quell the demonstration before it got fired up.The protestors attempted to take another route, but a scuffle ensued with the unforgiving police officers, which led to the arrests of protest leaders Wilgo Valies and Curtis Hofwijks, as well as two other protestors.CHAPTER 199 - CRIMES AGAINST PUBLIC JUSTICE BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION NRS 199.010 Bribery of judicial officer. NRS 199.110 Retaking goods from custody of officer.