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Pretty Little Liars has not shied away from killing off supporting characters, but surprisingly, the series has never risked killing off one of the main characters to raise the stakes of the A-game.

The Amazing Race season 29 ended with a bit of an upset.

Lead vocalist for pop rock band The Summer Set, with whom he released the band's debut album "Love Like This" in October 2009.

He and The Summer Set self-released their first EP "Love the Love You Have" in November 2007.

For me so much of it was muscle memory, and completely nerve-racking. I love it, I've been super lucky in the sense that I keep getting roles that require singing and I grew up doing musical theater, so I don't mind it. Is there a dream play or musical you'd ever want to be a part of? There's so much comedy there that I think would be fun to play — and, their dresses! And now that it's sinking in, it just feels more like me.20.

DWTS is one of those shows with a really tight-knit group and everyone's a family over there, and you're welcome to come back and watch any live taping. If your Baby Daddy co-stars were all on DWTS, who would you vote for? Tahj is an incredible dancer, so it would be really fun to see him do it. I'm not like one of those that's like, God I have a lot on my mind, let me just pick up my guitar. When I was going into the studio to record Lovestruck: The Musical it was harder for me than anything else. But it's fun to be able to do it, and a lot of times I'm singing as a character so I can "blame" it on them. So, the band The Summerset wrote that song about you called "Chelsea." What was that like? We all grew up together in Arizona, and yeah, Brian wrote the song.

The group came together in 2010 with Gary, Josh W, Poe, Josh H and Stevie, friends from all across Louisiana who'd gravitated to one another during their early days playing out in New Orleans.

It was with the discovery of Nora, the last piece of the puzzle, that the band began to truly hone in on what would become their sound.

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There's been a lot of death in Rosewood over the past seven seasons."The album is really about finding yourself," said Nora who, as the visual artist in the group, conveys that cheerful enthusiasm both through the music and the band's striking artwork and graphics."We started playing more folk-driven stuff," Gary says.Only the lucky girls will get to be in a relationship with this guy, but anyone can be his friend. Amazing voice, it's different, but truly amazing. The name Brian is of Celtic origin and means; Strength and Honor.