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Most people want to have a happy life, even when they may have to manage how to live with a disability.

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No doubt there are hundreds of thousands subscribed to both guys because they put out interesting content.All I'm saying is that there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.charlieissocoollike - Charlie Mc Donnell broke the one million subscriber mark recently and he'll probably add more because of his show at Vid Con 2011 (he dropped his trousers if you haven't seen it) and Charlie has about a 340K lead on the next highest Youtube channel in the UK. I don't think there is any personal animosity between Ray and Ryan and don't want to promote any ill feelings between the two.

Both of their channels have their good and bad points, as well as fans who love everything they do.Had to update it to reflect Charlie Mc Donnell's getting his one millionth subscriber and show the changes that have occurred since last October. As always there is a lot of movement on the chart with some moving up and others dropping off to be replaced by newer channels. Back in mid-March 2013, Ray's new channel Runaway Planet posted a video where Ray and his girlfriend, Anna Akana, discussed "pilot season" where actors and actresses go out for TV roles on new shows that are offered to the networks.Ray mentions having some disappointment with how he did last year and that he had a realization he should be pitching his own show.He averages about 30,000 new subscribers every week!