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patriarch Danny Tanner on both the original series and Netflix revival, was one of the first to remember the actor on Twitter.

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(After all, my birth certificate reads Samantha, so.) I told my BFF about my dilemma, and being the excellent friend she is, she took me to one of her work parties at her co-worker’s house. I could see the guy that she told me I should hook up with—we’ll call him Carl—across the room.

Nobody can really guarantee that, because you’ll still have to put forth the effort.

The Claim Just Hook Up claims that they are the “number 1 hookup site online” and at the time of this writing they say they have over 500,000 members with roughly 20% of them online at the moment.

Overall those aren’t staggering numbers, not when you compare it to other dating sites or social networking sites, but when you consider that this is a very select group of people that just want to get together for casual sex and whatnot, it’s starts to look more impressive.

"We should grab dinner sometime" is a nice thing to say to someone when you never want to see them again.

Yes, it obvious, and yes, it's awkward, but in his mind, he's trying to be nice.10. You were very explicit that this was just about casual sex. "Streets are a two-way street, but also so is sex-having." — Douglas W.