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According to the Seattle Aquarium, "Raspberry," the female giant Pacific octopus chosen for our city's annual octo-fucking ritual, already had her eggs fertilized by another male—gasp! This morning, Raspberry started to drop her fertilized eggs just a day before her scheduled "blind date." As a result of this revelation, Raspberry will be ghosting "Pancake," her intended octo-suitor, and returning to Puget Sound to tend her eggs. After all, Raspberry is her own octopus; no way is she letting any human tell her what to do with her reproductive system.

Komodo dragons are also known as Komodo monitors, or by the local Indonesian name, "ora." These giant lizards belong to the family Varanidae, which includes 52 species of monitor lizards. Varanus includes very tiny lizards only a few inches long to the immense Komodo dragon.

He’ll tell you straight up he’s the kind of performer who wants to make a woman laugh so hard, she’ll not only threaten to pee her pants, but then proceed to do so.

Here’s an extended clip from Koy talking about his own upbringing: has a narrative through line or hook to hang the hour upon, it’s the humor in comparing how his Filipino mother treated him at 12 and 13 shortly after his folks divorced, with how Koy treats his own son at the same age now that he’s a single father himself.

For his third stand-up special, first in five years and first for Netflix, Jo Koy went back to where it all began for him.

The son of a white Air Force father and a Filipino mother grew up near Mc Chord Air Force Base in Tacoma, Koy didn’t start his comedy career until he and his mother had move to Las Vegas, but he has come home, so to speak, for Netflix’s , he gave off the physical vibes of a Dane Cook with the elaborate fascination and disgust with his son as Louis CK had with his daughters.

Every year, the Seattle Aquarium hosts a Valentine's Day-themed "blind date" for two giant Pacific octopus* in the hope that the two will mate.

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It sounds like Koy and Gabriel Iglesias could form a support group, if they haven’t already, for comedian fathers of teen-age boys with poor hygiene habits.Firefighters said one car was split in two, and the driver was rushed to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.The Nissan continued north for two blocks -- eventually crashing into the gas station.Komodo dragons inhabit hot, seasonally arid grasslands, savannas and monsoon forests.They live mostly in the lowlands, but have occasionally been found at elevations up to 1,967 feet (600 m).Last year, however, the Seattle Aquarium cancelled its annual octopus "blind date" for fear that the male cephalopod would eat the significantly smaller female.