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Both of these men are extremely talented and let us not overlook HANDSOME! Darryl is gay and Jensen is straight they are strictly good friends and great actors.

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According to reports, the woman also pinched the child and said that he was 'too naughty'.

If you are in need of crisis intervention counseling and our online chat is not available, please call our Crisis and Support TTY Line at 248-334-1290 or toll-free at 877-922-1274.

Becoming increasingly frustrated, she then pushes the child around before then slamming the child against the floor.

She then starts kicking and scolding the child as it continues to cry.

Plus, we test our systems every day to make sure they are “hacker safe.” You may use online chat without personally identifying yourself. You will not be required to provide any identifying information unless you choose to.

If the crisis counselor has reason to believe that a life-endangering situation exists (harm to self or others), you will be asked to provide your identifying information.