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Those who did were widely considered misfits, misers, freaks or oddballs. Of course, there was sadness at the end of my marriage as well as the bliss of unfettered freedom.My split with Neville was amicable in that no one else was involved but, over the years, we had become different people and no longer wanted the same things out of life.You just don’t quite feel like you fit into the world now like you did when you were married.OK, this is a tricky one and that’s why you need to set a timer. She’s moving on – new job, new city, and new adventures. Like a surfer waiting for the right wave, I can simply say to myself: “That’s not the the thought I want right now. The question to ask is: Will I be the strong woman I am, and seek out creative ways to handle this upswelling of emotion from the past?” and “We have to set a regular time to talk.” Truth told, I don’t know when I’ll see her again. I could feel the hole that her absence would leave. #2 – I have two grown daughters that love me very much. We also offer a Professional Directory featuring family lawyers, divorce financial analysts, accountants, therapists, and other divorce-related services. I wanted what she had: an exhilarating new beginning with palpable what-happens-next exhilaration. My adult kids have their own lives well beyond mine. I could feel the dark cloak of loneliness wrapping around my shoulders. I didn’t want to be crippled, again, by those feelings so reminiscent of my divorceloneliness, fear of abandonment, and jealousy. These are the steps I took to provide an escape hatch from the intensity of the loneliness that I felt: It’s easy to slip into dramatic self-pity mode when you’re the one left behind, just as it was in my divorce. Note to self: gather up the drama and throw it in the garbage. When the destructive lonely thoughts emerge, I can refuse to accept them! Music and laughter heal the soul, and they could heal mine! Happiness morphs into challenging times, eventually. I’m convinced that it’s a lifelong process of well-prepared self-intervention.

To pout, waiting for the eventual contentment that others to have, is naïve and childlike.

Worse, if the ceiling fell down or the basement flooded — which had happened in the family home — I would have to cope by myself.

Gradually, though, my confidence increased and I discovered there was nothing to most of the tasks I had dreaded.

According to the latest statistics, I am far from alone in my aloneness — one in three people are living alone.

Most single dwellers are middle-aged adults aged between 34 and 64 — the vast majority of them women.