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People dating someone with bipolar disorder

Apparently, eating only bird grains is really bad for you – who would have guessed? Angelina’s always been a very skinny person, but it’s starting to feel like the tabloids are desperately trying to give an explanation to Angelina’s weight, instead of understanding that it’s a combination of being very active, being very busy, not eating much, and chasing after her army of children.
Both Lee and Amerson, Georgia natives who played the part of endearingly Southern, boyishly handsome white guy in their respective seasons, were involved in their season's juiciest roommate couplings—which probably says something about endearingly Southern, boyishly handsome Georgia natives. Cat=& Board=The Bachelorette& Number=10786665&page=0&view=expanded&sb=5&o=&rc=&fpart=1"]Jokers The Bachelorette - Reality TV Romance: Ace Amerson and De Anna Pappas?