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There are various conditions that you are able to concentrate on at this moment and you're simply merely restricted by your own personal inventiveness.
To find current information, I recommend using a search engine, or visiting Stephen Turners site. The FAQ will be posted on or around the 13th (13: is such a nice opening roll) of each month to, rec.answers and news.answers. Material from is credited where used. Information that may or may not be included in the current FAQ: From: alberto da pra ([email protected]) Newsgroups: Subject: Olympiad of Backgammon Date: GMT The second edition of the Backgammon's Olympiad (the first was in the year 1992) will be in Venice from 25th to 30th June 1996. Alberto da Pra, President WBF Worldwide Backgammon Federation ---- Newsgroups:, Subject: TD-Gammon available for free download Date: -0800 IBM has made TD-Gammon, their supposedly groundbreaking neural network- based version of Backgammon, available for free download.