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this episode is all about you, the girl on guy army. plus dave finds strength and transcendence in facing down the events that changed his life forever in one terrible, violent night when he was young, in the documentary “mourning son.” girl on guy is trying to avoid slow motion sickness. join omar benson miller of hbo’s ballers and aisha as they wander through culture, art, film, sacrifice, public image, personal responsibility, and working with spike. join sarah burns of how to get away with murder and the film slow learners and aisha as they wax both awkward and prolific about playing alone, dreaming big, living large, scene stealing and going toe to toe with viola. plus wayne and aisha share a coke and a very awkward smile. and eventually, his body caught up with his dreams. he turned an athletic career into a modeling career, and a modeling career into an acting career, where he portrayed, among other things, a pro football player. mehcad wasn’t going to let a few naysayers tell him what he could be or how far he could go. and that is the story of how a sweet churchgoing guy from the midwest, who dreamed of being a performer, moved to new york, got his big break, and stood on stage every night singing some of the filthiest lyrics ever written into the faces of delighted theatergoers, with a huge shit-eating grin on his face, and an even huger shit-eating grin in his heart. in the meantime, get her new book ‘self-inflicted wounds,’ available in hardcover, ebook and audiobook; watch her every tuesday on the brand new whose line is it anyway? come celebrate girl on guy’s 100th episode with brilliant intergalactic fox jeri ryan and aisha for a very special girl on girl 100th episode as they warp speed through multilingualism and francophilia, the horrors of dissection, the mystique of hollywood, saying no to voyager, becoming human, droopy bras, chronic dehydration, and old guys and hookers. and then finally, after college, realized that his parents’ dream, the one of him becoming a lawyer, was not his own. not in culinary school, not in the hallowed cuisines of Paris, but by walking into a restaurant on the lower east side and asking for a job. join southern gentleman chef edward lee and aisha as they slice through bourbon collecting, the half-life of restaurants, the chemistry of bread, escaping top chef, proving yourself in the kitchen, defying convention, and giving the people what they didn’t know they wanted. in countless, unnamed cities, one tournament blurring into the next. from the first moment he took the stage, michael knew immediately there was one thing he loved more than tennis: comedy. richard watches movies for a living, a job we’d all kill to have, but as he’ll tell you, sometimes it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. the day after his longtime collaborator and friend roger ebert passed away, richard and aisha wade through being a junior reporter, the allure of carson, on the job training, urban legends, porn stars, hanging with mellencamp, being trapped in the theater, why movies are still awesome, and wrecking bring your child to work day. and one day in 2012, after a certain maryland politician wrote to the baltimore ravens, excoriating lineman brendan ayanbadejo for supporting marriage equality for gays, chris got furious. the eventual result is fx’s totally biased with w kamau bell, an uncompromising, unflinching, undeniably hilarious look at our culture through the eyes of a guy whose belief in bravery is finally being rewarded. and unlike his television character, kunal doesn’t need a beer to help him open up to a girl. join big bang theory’s kunal nayyar and aisha as they crack a beer and solve for bieber lesbians, hip hop preachers, monsoon weddings, space travel, mystery boners, turning into that guy, and why TMZ is racist. by popular demand, aisha answers as many of your questions as she can get to in an hour and a half (or something like that). a man who sounds like john cleese, billy dee williams, james brolin, and batman had a baby, put him on a horse, gave him a fistful of diamonds and taught him how to bake elaborate special event desserts. plus, isaiah enrages the internet and aisha is highly sympathetic. rove has always wanted to do things differently, and once he got on television, rather than rest on his laurels, he set about breaking every rule he could get his hands on.