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So he appeared at her Malibu home the next morning, accompanied by LA County Sheriff's deputies in hopes of retrieving his son, according to TMZ.

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"We are all deeply shocked and saddened at the news of the sudden death of Marcin Wrona," the Toronto Film Festival said in a statement.

"His film 'Demon' truly marked the emergence of a strong new voice on the world cinema stage.

that made its World Premiere in the World Cinema competition at the Toronto Film Festival last week, was found dead in a hotel room in Poland on Friday night.

This comes from a family friend, publicist Jim Dobson.

Takiego go zapamiętamy Tagi data pogrzebu Marcina Wrony | dlaczego Marcin Wrona popełnił samobójstwo?

director Marcin Wrona has been found dead in a hotel room in Poland, his publicist Jim Dobson said. The auteur's body was discovered Friday night and the cause of his death is under investigation, Variety reported.

The director of Poland's Film Festival, Michal Oleszczyk, said Wrona "died suddenly Friday night." He asked for no speculation over Wrona's death until the police and prosecutors' investigations are complete.

Wrona was attending the festival in the Baltic city of Gdynia, where his latest movie had its Polish premiere.

A police spokesman in Gdynia, Michal Rusak, said police found the body of a 42-year-old man, whom he did not identify, at a hotel Saturday in Gdynia after being notified by the victim's wife at a.m. His body was found on Friday night, according to The Hollywood Reporter.Polish police are currently investigating the death, according to family friend and publicist Jim Dobson.Ciało 42-letniego reżysera spoczęło na Cmentarzu Powązki Wojskowe.Zobacz: Ostatnie zdjęcia Marcina Wrony – uśmiechnięty, zakochany, z żoną…The film touched on World War II and the Holocaust, painful elements of Poland's tragic past.