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WHMCS includes a copy of the Ventra IP Wholesale domain name module by default.

Microsoft outlook connector keeps updating

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On that last day the inbox was stuck at updating inbox (1 B).

I closed and re-opened outlook and the update status states updating Inbox (3.99 GB).

If there is a check mark next to Work Offline, uncheck it, and you should be good to go.

If you're using Outlook 2010 or higher, follow these steps: You should restart Outlook and, if that fails, restart your computer.

For example, a locale might require one kind of telephone number prefix format for calling from inside the country and another prefix format for calling from outside the country.

If a user creates his or her Outlook 2010 contacts by using the prefix formats that are required to dial from outside the country, a “move correction” occurs when Outlook 2010 contacts are updated by using details from the GAL.

Update type: Recommended Do more with Windows on your PC with free programs from Microsoft for photos, movies, instant messaging, email, social networking, and more. Windows Live Essentials includes Messenger, Photo Gallery, Mail, Movie Maker, Writer, Family Safety, and Windows Live Mesh, plus Bing Bar, Messenger Companion, Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector, Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Windows Live Messenger, and Microsoft Silverlight.

" I find that Outlook was somehow set to offline mode.

If you're using Outlook 2007 or earlier, click the File menu.

If you want Outlook 2010 to prompt users before it synchronizes to the Exchange GAL, configure the registry settings as described in this article.

In this article: Outlook 2010 synchronizes its Contacts folder entries to contacts that have matching SMTP addresses in the Exchange GAL.