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We separated for one week and after discussions and an agreement that he would not contact this woman we decided to get back together.One month later, I checked his phone and found he had saved the woman’s number under another name and had been phoning her constantly, and texting her at 2am when I went to bed and also throughout the day – even when he went to the shops to get nappies.In the pre-internet age, with the phone in the hall way, a phone call after ten o’clock would be an emergency – like a teenager stranded at a party or the death of a family member.Nowadays you can send or receive a text or an email at any time of the day or night.With life pulling us left, right and sideways, it’s no wonder smartphones have become the ultimate human sidekicks, making our lives easier in so many ways.

And the other reason for huge popularity of Texting Symbols are used, is its a thing of today’s generation and not everyone can understand the symbols.

As you can see, there are a ton of texting symbols out there.

This can be an intimidating list at first, but you will slowly get the hang of it.

However, you can refer back to this list any time you want.

Over time, you will have these embedded in your memory and won’t have to come back to this list.