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Net liquidating

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For a commodities account equals total cash value commodities options value.

Soft Edge Margin (SEM) – if during the trading day an account’s Equity with Loan Value is equal to at least 90% of the maintenance margin requirement, it will not be subject to liquidation until ET for U. stocks (i.e., the earliest of: 15 minutes before market close, 15 minutes before end of liquidation hours or start of Reg. stocks is ET and for other products the later of: the market open (latest open time if multiply listed); or start of liquidation hours.

You will receive a warning message if that is the case at the time you request the downgrade.

Values in the Balances section include: A special account associated with a Reg T Margin account that is maintained for the purpose of applying Federal Regulation T initial margin requirements at the end of the trading day.Equity with loan value is less than 100,000.00 USD." IMPORTANT NOTICE Please note that requests to downgrade to reg T will become effective the following business day if submitted prior to ET.Also note that as the Reg T margining methodology generally affords less leverage than does Portfolio Margining, requesting a downgrade may lead to the automatic liquidation of positions in your account in order to comply with Reg T.It is the value of your account if you were to liquidate all positions in your account.This information appears on your account statement.Intangible assets are not included in a company's liquidation value.