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For six months I read through a mountain of books about Mormonism.

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WWE had been using the NXT name for a television program featuring rookies from FCW competing to become WWE main roster wrestlers, though the "reality television" aspects of the show had been dropped earlier in 2012; WWE NXT now serves as the primary television program for the NXT Wrestling promotion.

The Queen of FCW title was a professional wrestling women's title contested for in the divas division of Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

I knew Adam Copeland(edge) when I was younger and was talking to him a few years ago and he says they get hurt all the time. I cover UFC/MMA events around the world and train too.

I think a quarter of the other girls heard "wrestling" and just got up and walked right out. The next thing you know I'm training Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, every week from 7 to 10 at night.

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I was just wondering if there are any females wrestling fans. I have been to a few bars in Hamilton on a WWE pay of view event. Anyone going to watch WWE Back Lash this Sunday been watching wrestling for the last 24 years now and still going strong i usually have wrestling parties at my place have the guys over and any female friends that wanna come out and hear all the language that would make any mother run down with the bar of soap LOL and yes i know it's fake, it's about the entertainment value we get out of it that's why they call it sport's entertainment and for some strange reason it does look like a DX reunion happeing but i doubt it.

I love watching UFC...especially the reality show that is on it's third season!!! There is a Sports Bar I go to watch WWE events with my friends in Hamilton And the Bar is Jamed with everyone watching. But I like seeing the true 100% fans that think its still real. But that is just because noone seems to watch it at all anymore.

When I was young my Dad took me to Copps to see Hulk Hogan and Mr. Doing all the chants and booing the just a guy thing. I went to see halloween havic in vegas and several events in aurburn hills and one in bufflo. Okay yes wrestling is fake but most people don't know that there on the road for over 300 days of the year.