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Parker 51 vacumatic dating

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The Parker “51,” produced by the Parker Pen Company, is considered by many collectors to be the best pen ever made. To this day, its shape and design remain widely recognizable and it seems to never become dated. My pursuit includes its history and advertising ephemera. market in 1941, it soon became widely imitated by most pen manufacturers.Please email me to confirm availabilty and to figure payment, which generally is via Paypal. My email is COMMENTS: The "Vacumatic cap-band" early 1937 Vacumatics are among the most desirable Vacumatic clusters found.Shown on the 1937 catalogue cover but not inside, this cap-band was used briefly in 1937, at the start of the 2nd Generation for this series.

I remember the glistening gold cap and its futuristic shape.

Seen in one add citing "Ripley's Believe it or Not", collectors tend to call it the Vacumatic, not for any ripples in the cap plastic pattern. This is an advanced variant that offers signficant condition challenges in general, as the plastic is physically and chemically fragile. These actually are well more scarce than 1937-1941 double jewel Maximas; my hypothesis is that with the appearance of the Parker "51", many customers who had been willing to spring for the Maxima, were willing to pop an extra .50 to get the brand new "51".

Features a 14K Arrow nib, feed, and clip by Parker; Barrel, section, and cap by Ariel Kullock, turned out of the same rod stock as used by Parker for its 80s re-release of the Duofolds; Banding by Dr. ITEM #4030: NEW OLD STOCK PARKER BLACK/CLEAR LAMINATED VACUMATIC W/ GOLD FILLED TRIM. You don't run across red Vac pencils in the wild too often.

I often tried to fill it and write with it, but its mangled nib had seen better days.

It was not until years later that I discovered vintage pens via the internet.