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Something about their fond irritation made him think that they’d be suited to spending long periods of time together in a confined space. The year before, Huntington had given up his apartment in New York and his job as a designer at Ralph Lauren, and moved into a 1987 Volkswagen Syncro.He spent his days surfing, exploring, and taking pictures of his van parked in picturesque locations along the California coast.Your customers, she told them, will be virtually indistinguishable from yourselves: strivers, alone in the city, separated from love by “three towering mountains”—no money, no time, and no connections.I met Gong six years ago, after she received a master’s degree in journalism and entered the dating business.QUESTION FROM MORRIS: So is the stigma about online dating completely gone?NICK PAUMGARTEN: I’d say it’s not nearly what it was ten years ago.This week in the magazine, Nick Paumgarten writes about online dating. I’ll do my best to take and answer your questions without messing this up.

For one thing, the top ranks of Chinese technology are dominated by men.

“My inspiration,” went a typical comment on one of his posts.

“God I wish my life was that free and easy and amazing.” Huntington tagged his posts with phrases like #homeiswhereyouparkit and #livesimply, but the tag he used most often was #vanlife.

Emily King and Corey Smith had been dating for five months when they took a trip to Central America, in February, 2012.

At a surf resort in Nicaragua, Smith helped a lanky American named Foster Huntington repair the dings in his board.