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Many divorced mothers worry about how their children will react to new romantic partners, The majority of children experience the repartnering of their divorced parents, with one study reporting that about 1/3 of divorced women have 10 or more dating partners before meeting a new marriage partner.

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I swear I haven't gone insane: I definitely (mostly) know Alba is not a person. Consider how fulfilling your platonic parent-pet relationship is, even if this level of commitment isn't the same as falling in love.

Wednesday 24 August / 6pm / The Box / FREE, booking required (or application required if you'd like to join in the performance) FACTLab Resident Artist Kuang-Yi Ku will be hosting a very special, one-of-a-kind performative event, and we're looking for pets and their owners to get involved!Should we not try to accommodate for the sexuality of our pets (who we claim to love) instead of changing their sexual behaviour by neutering them?Trying to solve this problem, Kuang-Yi will try to construct a fictional scenario to explore the how pets’ sexual desire will fit into the future society, and speculate on the new relationship between human beings and pets - resulting in a pet dating app, speed dating and love hotels.And no matter what dating app you download or how much you put yourself out there, it's painfully obvious that there's no magic formula for speeding things along. When you have someone who is excited to see you every time you walk through the door, it's less attractive to be with a person who's lukewarm about things.Bottom line, you need to be patient and just do you in the meantime. So I've gone ahead and figured out the best way to stay patient when you're eager to meet someone but have no control over when that might happen. Granted, a relationship with a pet won't provide you desire out of a human relationship.Despite that setback, having a common interest such as pets can help the search for love. about one’s passion makes it feel like you are looking for a needle in a smaller and far more relevant and appealing haystack,” said Michal Ann Strahilevitz, a professor of marketing at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.