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The broad clusters of our faculty’s expertise are listed below.Click on any of the titles to see faculty who are engaged in this research.If you wish to study educational topics outside those framed in the list above, we still encourage you to apply to earn your MA or Ph D because we want innovative thinkers among us.During the first semester, all students build a plan of study in consultation with their advisor(s).There are many research methodologies or "tools" one must learn before being able to conduct research.A Ph D program in business will teach one these various methods.This plan is revisited, updated, and revised yearly thereafter.

This expert is considered a practitioner-scholar (see practitioner-scholar model) due to the ability to interchange methods of practice with theory and research and vice-versa. programs require students to develop independent original research leading to successful defense of the completed dissertation. The British DMan is a professional doctorate with the same academic status as a Ph. The current list of equivalent doctorates is outdated, and is only current up to year 2008. professionals may provide consulting services to the general public as professional management consultants.Questions frequently arise about the differences between professional doctoral degrees and traditional degrees such as Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D), and the various terms are often confused.First of all, to clarify: a doctorate is an umbrella term for a degree rank, denoting the highest degree awarded by a university. All doctoral students are required to conduct in-depth research and all holders of doctoral degrees are considered experts in their field of study and are entitled to use the title ‘doctor’.A Ph D degree is a doctor of philosophy which can be obtained in many areas of study, while a Ph D in management is specific to the study of research questions with potential relevance to the business world.Areas of specialization for the Ph D in business often include, but are not limited to: Research is fundamental to the integrity of a graduate educational institution.Some may call this the scholar-practitioner, which in contemporary scholarship, simply means that research may be the heavier focus of the model. Upon conferring the doctoral degree to a candidate, both doctorates enable holders to become faculty members (professors, researchers, etc.) at higher education academic institutions. The NSF has not yet specified a new release date for the update. The first two years of the program are usually focused on intensive coursework and generally at least one research practicum (near the end of core courses, residencies, and research and writing training). degree is a doctorate which can be awarded in many areas of concentrated study. Common research methodologies used in management studies include both quantitative and qualitative approaches such as: Modeling, Econometrics, Experiments, Descriptive and Field Studies, Phenomenology, Case Study, Action Research or Mixed Methods strategies of inquiry. They either operate their own practice or provide specialized consultancy within larger consulting firms.