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The Agape Dance Festival will hold its second annual event to raise money for organisations involved in the rescue and recovery of children who have been trafficked into the sex trade."People think this sort of thing doesn't happen here and it does.

I've always known dance and I figured I could use that to help bring awareness," organiser Chere Mc Gregor said.

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The gurgling was still going on so I ran it with the radiator cap off hoping it would burp and got nothing. answered 4 years ago fans are working, and the car doesn't seem to be overheating (I don't want to run it longer than a few minutes).

Also, the radiator's cool, I replaced the thermostat but that wasn't the issue. Things gurgle when you over heat or exhaust is introduced into the system, both indroduces gases in the system.

on the drive home it started missing so I replaced the coil, plugs, and wires.

A few days later I noticed the coolant resevior was bubbling and gurgling.