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You have a profile, call out your interests and exchanges messages in the hopes of taking the relationship into the “real world.” Girl Friend Circles requires members to pay a fee of .95 every six months, while Girlfriend Social offers free accounts.

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The arrogant people bitching about them smoking marijuana, they are usually bigger problems then the people they denounce.

For many, smoking marijuana is not just a leisure activity. For the potheads among us, it might not always be easy to find companions who share your extracurricular interests. Legal restrictions against marijuana are slowly being overturned, and that means more and more people will be unafraid to admit their appetite for weed. is a place where they can go and do that and find others to share a smoke with.

By 2015, that number had dropped by 68 percent, to just 16,000. they’d probably have to fire about 85 percent of their staff,” she said. “There’s a big misconception that people that smoke are burnouts and sluggish,” said “Zach,” a marketing manager at a major New York television station. According to a Gallup poll conducted in August, the number of American adults using marijuana has nearly doubled in the past three years. “Marijuana is absolutely harmful and absolutely addictive.

During the same time, recreational pot use was legalized in eight states, and a law allowing the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes passed in New York after years of lobbying Gov. A downtown Manhattan mom said she’s even cool with lighting up during play dates. [Smoking pot] lets me be more creative and more in tune with my kids,” the mom said. The industry is selling a lie that marijuana is more or less harmless, and that’s just not true,” said Dr.

, the weed dating apps try hard to make it clear what the story is.

The underlying premise is that It sucks to find out after three super chill dates that your new partner can’t stand pot or people who smoke.