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If you run regular automated Web Driver tests using Firefox then chances are you’ve encountered the problem where Firefox updates itself and your Web Driver bindings don’t support that version which causes all your tests to fail.

It’s really annoying, so I suggest you set your Firefox install to never automatically update as below to avoid this happening.

Update: As Alex points out below, you can do this programmatically for a server you don’t actually launch Firefox on, ie.

For physical problems -- eyes and color, I want to keep this version and not do any updates ever to it. Update Manager and added to ingnore package --firef0x* 2.

Are any of you using a post install script to disable firefox auto updates?

Disabling Firefox auto updates is fairly straight forward within the GUI.However, I've moved over to using autopkgr, and am not using composer.I'm thinking a post-install script will be the best way, but I'm admittedly not great at scripting yet.You can disable both the updates for Firefox and disable any checking it will do for Add-ons and Search Engines. Firefox Firefox pull down menu – Options – Advanced Tab – Update Sub-Tab Option 2: The Group Policy I personally like to use Group Policies or Policy Preferences to set application settings.Here we show you how to disable automatic updates for a few common applications.