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Al llegar a nuestro evento de Speed dating te daremos una identificación, y una ficha para que apuntes toda la información que consideres que será importante de las personas que conocerás.
Support for interracial dating and marriage has been on the rise for decades, and Millennials are particularly accepting: 88 percent of those surveyed by Fusion last year said they were open to dating outside their race.

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I lost my HD screen it went bak to normal settings so I knew something changed.The new firmware update 1.7 is live for the Play Station 4 and brings a ton of new features such as an option to disable HDCP, export clips to USB and more.Thankfully, however, Microsoft is aware of the issue and a workaround is already available.

I guess the system stills needs all parts recognized during the update process. I just fixed mine, the update was stopping at 69 percent, i found out if the update stops between 60 and 70, means that there is a hardware problem (wifi board or blu ray drive) after replacing my wlan board the update went to 100 and now is working fine, also if the update stops around 40, means that ur hdd is the problem Literally jus got mine working..........

After hooking my blu ray back up, I booted one more time and the update immediately completed and the home screen shortly oppped up. let it try install up date until it crashes at whatever percent and 8002F14E message appears.

Hold power button for ten seconds and my PS3 turned off. Hold finger on power button and switch on at the back.

My PS3 was working perfectly until the moment I accepted the update, now I cant even get into fail safe mode, not to mention I cant use the device. Searching the Internet for solutions confuses me, it seems like the problem is widely spread, not just during update to version 4.41 (the update I had) but older updates as well.

What puzzles me is that almost all information I find in this matter is found on unofficial sites, within Sony sites I get the feeling the problem is "silenced".. leave a comment/message if you too have this problem, let us make Sony aware of the magnitude of the problem!