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I mean, if french kissing is suggestive of "the sex act" doesn't that make your inner antennae perk up a bit? I hadn't even thought of that until I read this, after all. I mean, if a young boy is readying to go on his mission, wouldn't Satan be extra vigilant in getting that young man to give into sexual desires? He would not ask us to go against both counsel throughout the ages or against the counsel of His prophets.
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Thus, the two-million year delay in the erosional response to tectonic shortening reflects the time necessary for an erosion wave to propagate through the fluvial network under the semi-arid conditions of the Precordillera where erosional efficiency is limited through low rates of precipitation.

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She adds: “Being able to quantify the erosional response to mountain building over long time scales opens new avenues in deciphering the feedbacks between tectonics and climate that interact to shape the landscape of our planet.” Probing sandstone-outcrops in the foreland of the Argentine Precordillera, a team of scientists from Syracuse and Indiana universities, USA, and GFZ Potsdam, Germany, reconstructed the erosional history of the South-Central Andes at 30°S for the last eight million years.

The scientists used a special form of Beryllium (Al) isotopes which are produced through cosmic radiation at a rate of only a few atoms per gram of material per year.