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Row cannot be located for updating ado

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Some values may have been changed since it was last read." As far as I can see there are two work-arounds: 1. First check if there are changes in the record How to repeat: rs. Conn, Cursor Type Open Keyset, Lock Type Lock Pessimistic) With rs . Same problem here, My SQL ODBC Driver 5.1 Access 2007, vba code .update doesn't work when the value is already in the table. Please try to tell Access how to form UPDATE queries as described above: rs Customers. Value = ad Criteria Key and catch any error it might throw.

Always Run-time error '3197' The Microsoft Office Access database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time. .update works fine when it runs for the first time. If you omit this, you'll just end up with updates really failing cause Access tried to exact-match floats, blob's and so on.

Hello I am using VB6, SQL server 2000, and ADO 2.5, and saw this problem recently. This table has an For some information on how ADO works, take a look at some sample chapters of this nice book Programming ADO by David Sceppa. -- As has been explained in this forum ad nauseum, the default value is the problem.Second if I take your messages literally you have a default value set on an Bull, eh?How to repeat: Create a table with float not null column mysql insert into t1(f) values(144.977477477477); Query OK, 1 row affected (0.02 sec) ** use the same value: 144.977477477477 Create a project in VB6 w/ a Form & Command button: Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim cn As New ADODB. Open("select * from t1 where id=1", cn, ad Open Static, ad Lock Optimistic) . Execute("drop table if exists testbug11970") p_conn. Execute("create table testbug11970(id integer unsigned not null auto_increment primary key, f float not null) type=innodb") p_conn.