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Roy chiu and rainie yang dating

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But now as they’re too familiar with each other, it becomes a little awkward when filming intimate scene.

Roy Chiu said, “This ambiance is just nice, in the drama one can’t control his feeling, one never in love before, so it’s an embarrassing situation in real, after filmed there is a heart moving feeling instead.”Roy Chiu also shared his similar experience outside of drama.

He said, “In year one of primary school, I followed a girl to walk back home, when at the overhead bridge, she suddenly kissed me, and then ran away.

I still remembered the day was a rainy day, after I was kissed, I stood there at a loss, and got wet in the rain.” In regard to can’t control his feeling, Roy Chiu laughed and said, “I used to look at my loved car, as I got closer when looking, and then I can’t help but kiss the bonnet, the result was my whole mouth is car wax.”In addition, outside of drama, both of them does not have experience of kissing during ambiguous period.

They opinionated that only after the intention of loving each other is confirmed, then only can have intimate acts.

Currently, the highest ratings of Office Girls is 5.17.

Due to organization of documents in the GLO collection, this site does not currently contain every Federal title record issued for the Public Land States.They broke up after two and a half year of relationship but they are still best friends.You can read Rainie’s complete dating history in the list above.Do you wonder who’s current boyfriend of hot Rainie Yang?In 2014, she’s in the relationships with Prince (Qiu Wang Zi).From then on, she was called "Rainie" to fit in with the weather-based named girls of the group; she was originally called Lily in the industry.