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Current IRS guidance is not clear with respect to the amount that will be subject to the additional 20% penalty tax.

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I would love to see them fly alongside an Iranian Tomcat"And a third added: "Brilliant feat of engineering.

Excellent."Vladimir Putin broke the silence over Donald Trump's Moscow visit rumours by releasing a statement.

The Trump White House also steered its West Asia policy closer to that of the position of all recent administrations, telling Israel on Thursday expanding the contentious settlements will not help in achieving the goal of peace.“US foreign policy shows signs of shift to constancy after 2 weeks of gobsmackers,” Strobe Talbott, president of Brookings, a leading US think-tank, noted in a Tweet with a link to a news article making that same argument.

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Mattis, on his first trip since taking over the Pentagon, reaffirmed America’s commitment to its mutual defence treaty with Japan when he met Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo on Friday.

Trump’s VP, Mike Pence, has similar thoughts on Russia.

Bolton forgets Russia was not “on the prowl” prior to the US placing missile batteries on the border in Poland, or before the State Department engineered the takedown of the government in Ukraine.

"It is a world dominion-type of movement and they want everyone submissive to Sharia.""People want to blow that off but look in England, where they are having Sharia courts," Sekulow added.

"Look at the United States, where some judges in some domestic disputes have actually looked and said, 'Well, under their religious doctrine and under their religious teachings, this is allowable.'"During the conversation with Sekulow, Robertson chimed in by saying that Iran really wants to destroy America and Israel and also wants to facilitate the coming of the 12th Imam, also known as the Mahdi (the Islamic Messiah) and fulfill Islamic eschatological prophecy."Of course," Sekulow responded.