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It is also available in combination with pseudoephedrine, a decongestant, known as loratadine/pseudoephedrine. For allergic rhinitis (hay fever), loratadine is effective for both nasal and eye symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, itchy or burning eyes.Similarly to cetirizine, loratadine attenuates the itching associated with Kimura's disease.

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Cimetidine was the culmination of a project at Smith, Kline & French (SK&F; now Glaxo Smith Kline) by James W. Robin Ganellin, and others to develop a histamine receptor antagonist that would suppress stomach acid secretion.

In 1964, it was known that histamine stimulated the secretion of stomach acid, and also that traditional antihistamines had no effect on acid production.

From these facts the SK&F scientists postulated the existence of two different types of histamine receptors.

The authors of the American College of Chest Physicians Updates on Cough Guidelines (2006) recommend that, for cough associated with the common cold, first-generation antihistamine-decongestants are more effective than newer, non-sedating antihistamines.

First-generation antihistamines include diphenhydramine (Benadryl), carbinoxamine (Clistin), clemastine (Tavist), chlorpheniramine (Chlor-Trimeton), and brompheniramine (Dimetane).