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And like so many of you, I want to lay down the foundation that will help my children make the right choices. Of course, it's your decision, but ideally we'd like you to look through this special report with your teens. It could jumpstart a conversation that might be long overdue. There, at a waterfront home, NBC News brought together 20 teens, kids between the ages of 13 and 17, with diverse economic backgrounds, religions, ethnicities and viewpoints. They were willing to tackle the controversial and sensitive question that makes adults, especially parents, fumble: What's really going on with teens and sex? Most of the kids I know, they don't make it past their 16th birthday without losing their virginity.”. I think oral sex usually starts younger than sex.” Amie: “I'm 15 years old and I live in Louisiana.

On a tranquil Saturday morning in Florida, teenagers from across America traded stories that would send any parent into a tail spin. You don't want to just have sex with the first person you think you're in love with.

is usually delivered with a "cooing" pattern of intonation different from that of normal adult speech: high in pitch, with many glissando variations that are more pronounced than those of normal speech.

Again, make sure it's not with too much emotion, shame or guilt.

Shame or guilt could stifle their sexual development and can cause difficulty with intimacy later in life.

Saying something like, "This is something you can do in your own private bedroom or bathroom, not in public," will help children learn where the right place to experiment is with their own bodies.

Instead, parents should initiate ongoing, fluid discussions that begin in childhood and carries into the teen years – where kids can ask questions and parents offer information in a non-judgmental and open manner. Maybe they watch mom or dad go to the bathroom, or take a bath with a sibling – all great avenues for engaging them in learning about the body and private places.

Sex or sexual activity doesn't have to come into the conversation yet at this young age, but being matter of fact about body parts and not making it silly can set the stage for future ongoing discussions. Young kids will touch themselves without knowing what they are doing because it feels good.