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I am yet to try WEP Encryption with my router to see if that works.

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You're not going to be playing Star Wars chess any time soon.

This technology is still years away.'Consoles such as Microsoft's Xbox already have games where users 'appear' in 3D on screen via a motion-sensor camera mounted on top of the television, allowing users to 'star' in everything from war games to a version of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Chat logs released soon after the "Five Guys scandal" broke reveal the movement was focused on destroying Zoë Quinn first, reforming games reporting second.

Amid discussing the size, shape and smell of Quinn's vagina and what to do with leaked nude photos of her, plotters from various 4chan message boards drop gems like "i couldnt care less about vidya, i just want to see zoe receive her comeuppance."From another conversation: Eventually, (slightly) cooler heads prevailed, and the trolls who would soon form #Gamergate shifted their goal from destroying Zoë Quinn to something ostensibly about journalistic ethics."The more you try to attack her directly, the more she gets to play the victim card and make a bunch of friends who will support her because, since she has a vagina, any attack is misgony []," one of them reasoned. Many #Gamergate participants truly believe that they are fighting an important fight against corruption in game journalism.

Until recently, you might have lived a life blissfully unaware of the online #Gamergate movement.

But last week, computing giant Intel pulled its ads from an independent game-development site thanks to the gaming lobby. "#Gamer Gate" is an online movement ostensibly concerned with ethics in game journalism and with protecting the "gamer" identity. Even regarded generously, Gamergate isn't much more than a tone-deaf rabble of angry obsessives with a misguided understanding of journalistic ethics. #Gamergate actually began in August as a pernicious attack on is not a "real game," it's "just words," its portrayal of depression is too personal to be relatable—but it's hard not to look at the last several weeks of chatter in the gaming community and not come to the conclusion that it's about the fact that she's a woman. The harassment against her reached a fever pitch in August after an ex-boyfriend, fucked those five guys, gamers decided (they even turned it into a joke about the burger chain) and she'd done it to get publicity for her games.

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Similarly, w-hat back when SL was still fun and crazy and hadn't been utterly destroyed by admin entropy. It's a little silly how serious that enterprise was, or is if it's still around.

There was just a lot of nonsense, just saying my name for no reason. Do you have any advice for people dealing with new challenges and responsibilities in a work environment, or anywhere else? You make a mistake, ok, don’t compound one mistake with two mistakes.

You’ve had to deal with a fair amount of change in your career – going from Oklahoma City to Houston, the partnership with Dwight, this move to point guard. Or do you just stay down there and allow it to take you down? Like, we all have bad days in life, no matter what job you’re in.

Near the end of August, a significant chunk of the gaming press feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian."There has been so much hate. You said #Gamergate participants believe they're fighting for video game journalism ethics. #Gamergate participants believe that game journalism has been corrupted—there are too many writers who maintain friendships or other close relationships with game developers.

So many angry words, so many accusations, over...what? Never mind for now that the game developers who are most often complained about are people like Zoe Quinn—independent, crowd-funded, and frequently from underrepresented identity groups—#Gamergate's mission (publicly, anyway) is to convince games writers to adopt the same ethical standards as "real journalists."What does that mean?