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sustainable development, social economy, promotion of conscious consuming and green living, arts and crafts, event management, project development, community engagement, entrepreneurship, web design, multimedia.

KNOF is situated in a small town of Sevnica, surrounded by beautiful nature, so the project is more suitable for nature lovers who don’t get easily bored and have a motivation to co-create the community of social economy of Posavje region and Slovenia.

That is much easier because ABC provides accommodation and helps with the paperwork.

Actually many startups decide to also stay here in the following three months of the program, since they are closing investments and deals made during the program and after the Demo Day. Therefore, we invite startups from other fields to APPLY as well.

ABC Accelerator is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the green capital of Europe 2016 and a rising startup center, where you will be a part of an intensive 3-month program.

Workshops, one on one mentorship, direct connections with our big network of global and local investors, partners, coaches and motivational speakers, ABC is providing services that will help your startup to shape history.

If you enjoy researching, writing articles, expressing your talents to help other people in the community, this is a plus.

Our organisation is the only provider of international youth projects and the EVS in the municipality, so we consider to be very important link in promoting European citizenship at the local level.

Sevnica is in surface one of the largest municipalities in Slovenia, but has low population, in the municipality there are 15.000 inhabitans, in town Sevnica 5.000.

It is quite a closed environment, which nurtures traditional values, because most of the municipality is rural.

We find European startups really cool, but we also know startups beyond the borders of Europe can be pretty amazing.

Therefore, this time we encourage companies to apply from all around the globe.