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Without the context of the game itself—the excitement, the noise, the taco dip -- the reviewer is missing the big picture. Watching the spots at a computer is not the same as watching during the game, surrounded by family, friends and copious amounts of beer. Or was it part of a much larger campaign with roots in the game, spreading out into the web and social media, forward and backward in time?

But the reality is I am lucky enough to write for a magazine that still exists in print and is sent to the printer on Friday night. Besides, these days, you -- yes, you -- had likely already seen most of the spots and formed your conclusions before the game started. So many marketers were thinking beyond the game this year that Shazam should have been awarded the MVP award. I say enough with the previews and the teaser spots.

Also Read: Budweiser's Super Bowl Spot Reminds Viewers Immigration Makes America Great (Video)The commercial, which has gained resonance due to the current debate over President Trump's travel ban, tells the story of Anheuser-Busch co-founder Adolphus Busch, who immigrated to the U.

The Super Bowl is an event that's all about size: Two big teams face off in a big stadium in a big city as a big pop act performs at a big halftime show.

Perhaps you decided Honda's "Matthew's Day Off" was a work of genius last Tuesday afternoon. The practice robs the average consumers -- and marketers -- of the element of surprise.

It burns off a lot of excitement well before the game.

Some commercials airing during, or proposed to air during the game, have also attracted controversy due to the nature of their content.

Super Bowl commercials are largely limited to the United States' broadcast of the game.

At least, that's the word from William Knoedelseder, the author of the 2014 book "Bitter Brew: The Rise and Fall of Anheuser-Busch and America's King of Beer.""It's got wonderful production values, it's very expensive and, I think, very effective — and mostly fiction," Knoedelseder told Slate. To cut through all the spectacle surrounding the football game and leave an impression, advertisers have to think big, too -- which often results in Super Bowl ads stuffed with celebrities, gimmicks, special effects, expensive stunts, and, if we're lucky, Jeff Goldblum.Just like last year, we assessed every Super Bowl commercial and ranked them all, from the inspirational duds to the actually funny ones you might even remember next year.It's obviously supposed to evoke a sense of wonder but the "Art makes life #moreinspired" tagline is about as vague they come.Ad Age has been told before that reviewing Super Bowl spots before the game is folly.I could go on, but I'm here to review old-fashioned TV spots based on things such as intent, humor, salesmanship, good taste and whatever mood I happened to be in at the time. and David & Goliath get back to the formula of charming content with a great soundtrack.