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Novak Djokovic did his best impersonation of Rafael Nadal in this latest “Jukebox” video out of the French Open.
During his tenure as a court of appeals judge, he has become a prominent feeder judge.

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Must remain active & in good standing on wireless or Fullscreen access ends. Offered by AT&T, and subject to Fullscreen terms and conditions. Free In App Streaming: Fullscreen & wireless customers in the U. Exclusions: App download may incur data usage/charges. Use subject to wireless service terms including those related to data speed. See for a list of eligible devices (sold separately). Rewards apply to net card purchases (purchases minus returns and adjustments).Rewards percentages depend on the type of purchase made; 3% for purchases (includes Walmart Pickup and Site to Store purchases); 2% for gas purchases at Walmart fuel stations and Murphy USA gas stations; and 1% on all other purchases wherever the Walmart Credit Card and Walmart Master Card are accepted.Talking about money with your partner might sound painful, but I promise you it doesn’t have to be awkward. “What do you think about talking about our money together? At this point, it’s probably better not to run through all the numbers for a really large purchase because it can get overwhelming.As corny as it sounds, it can actually bring you closer together—if you know what to ask and stay calm. “Hey, I’ve been trying to learn about money lately . ” (It is optional to add something like, “The book is by an amazing, weird, gracious author named Ramit Sethi, and I visit his website every day.”) When you sit down to talk, once again start by asking your partner’s opinions: “I know you use cash to pay for everything, but this guy says we should use credit cards to build our credit and track spending. ” The goal of this meeting should be to agree that money is important to both of you, and that you want to work together to help each other with finances. If things go well during your first conversation, ask if your boyfriend or girlfriend would be willing to sit down again to go over both of your finances together. Just set up a savings goal or two and set up an automatic monthly transfer for each of you. Eligibility: Req’s consumer AT&T wireless postpaid svc. Sign up at and eligible customers will receive a verification text.

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Bonus: Notice the psychological strategies being employed in this script.I just got an AMEX and I asked if they’d waive my fee the first year…I think for , the 1 minute I spent on hold was worth it.Of course, most people shouldn’t even pay an annual fee on their credit card.They are a source for incredibly rich information about people’s lives.A lot of apps are fronts for various companies who are now capturing this data.’ A spokesman for Facebook said the request for permission to read text messages was to allow the app to read and write data between itself and the phone’s SMS feature, rather than for the company to trawl individuals’ messages.Just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me to get my annual credit card fee waived tonight.