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By the Warren Court years of the 1960s, the Court had adopted a much more expansive view of the Free Exercise Clause, reading it to compel governmental accomodation of religiously-motivated conduct in the absence of a compelling state interest and the use of means that least burdened religious practices.

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with a midnight last call to finish the run), training for the Ironman requires a strict regimen and serious time commitment. Most people who do more than one event are training year round.” According to Mackinnon, the average triathlete trains for 18-30 hours a week, which is like a part-time job: 7 miles of swimming, 225 miles of biking, and 48 miles of running.

If you can’t put in a full year, Mackinnon recommends training for at least seven months. [pagebreak] BUILD ON YOUR WEAKNESSES, NOT YOUR STRENGTHS Sure, Michael Phelps would excel in the swim, Lance Armstrong would breeze through the bike, and Mo Farah would mow through the marathon.

Fall temperatures and cloud cover in the location normally known as “The Valley of the Sun” made for ideal conditions at Sunday’s Ironman Arizona, with Canada’s Lionel Sanders turning in the fastest Ironman time ever to dominate and defend his title.

Sanders, who finished 29th at the Ironman World Championship in Kona six weeks ago, put together a swim, a bike and a marathon to establish a new Ironman world record of , breaking Marino Vanhoenacker’s previous record of —which was set at Ironman Austria in 2011.

“Nutrition is the fourth leg of any triathlon,” says triathlete Kim Mueller, R.

But just like you need the right training plan to dominate the race, you also need the right fuel to power you through.

So how does a guy prepare for such a physically of tough triathlons.

IT'S A MARATHON, NOT A SPRINT For an event that takes nearly a whole day to complete (the swim kicks off at 7 a.m. “It’s very much an endurance sport, and when you choose it, there really isn’t an offseason.

It’s worth noting that Mc Mahon came within 12 seconds of Vanhoenacker’s record earlier this year in Brazil.

American TJ Tollakson turned in an impressive to finish third.