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You should know that in some instances people send emails with false or "forged" headers, which are common in spam and unwanted or even malicious e-mail.

Our Trace Email tool does not and cannot detect forged e-mail.

NOTE: The domain is everything to the right of the '@' in the e-mail address.

Tests the supplied SPF record to see if it is valid. Except for %d, does not currently support records that include macros.

As a first step in troubleshooting email delivery problems for Office 365 for business, we recommend that you download and run Support and Recovery Assistant on the affected machine.

These tools are meant to help you deploy SPF records for your domain.

Would you like to track down (or trace) where an email that you received came from?

When users report that they aren't getting email, it can be hard to find what's wrong. Is there a problem with mail flow or spam filter settings?If a user is receiving email in their Outlook on the web mailbox but not on the email app that's installed on their machine, that could indicate that there's an issue with the users machine or email app.Ask the user with the issue to sign in to Outlook on the web to verify that their Office 365 email account is working correctly.They allow receiving servers to confirm that mail coming from a domain is authorized by the domain's administrators. Enter: Host/Name: api._domainkey Value: k=rsa;t=s;p=MIGf MA0GCSq GSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBi QKBg QCbm Gb QMz Ye Mvxwt NQo XN0wa GYaciu Kx8mt Mh5czgu T4EZl JXu Ct6V l56mmt3t68FEX5JJ0q4ij G71BGo FRkl87u Ji7Lr Qt1ZZm ZCvr EII0YO4mp8s DLXC8g1a UAoi8TJgxq2MJq Ca Myj5k Am3Fdy2tzft PCV/lbdi Jqm Bn WKjtw IDAQAB TIPS: DNS settings can have as many DKIM records as needed.In the following steps you'll learn how to find and copy an email header and paste it into the Trace Email Analyzer to get the sender's IP address and track the source.Though many DNS editors allow for the creation of an SPF record, the SPF record must be entered as a TXT record In your domain's DNS settings create a TXT record.