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There was a band there called The Monkeephiles who, joined by a couple extra musicians, did a fantastic job interview all the Monkees tunes- even making it through all the studio banter in Gonna Buy Me A Dog.

When soccer training or playing begins, the blood flow in the exercising muscles increases markedly, as the capillaries open.

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Physical work increases the energy output and temperature of the muscle, this in turn leads to improved co-ordination with less likelihood of injury.

The warm up is a process to increase awareness, improve co-ordination, improve elasticity and contractibility of muscles, and increase the efficiency of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Soccer training and blood flow to muscles In a body at rest, the blood flow to the muscles is comparatively low, and the majority of the small blood vessels (capillaries) supplying them are closed.

We strive to be an educational resource from the time you purchase an instrument through it’s entire life cycle by offering a variety of courses covering both introductory and advanced applications.

At the conclusion of each class, students receive a certificate of attendance for their records.