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Having said that, that doesn't mean that it's not a great app – thought it's actually pretty NEW to this filed.
TL; DR: Hired a virtual assistant to manage my online dating profiles A few years ago, I watched a video where Tim Ferriss spoke about outsourcing his online dating.

Tupperware dating games

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Throw away assumptions about the people in front of you.

Often people don't think "gee i am going to go to this party and come back home as a consultant".

Much like the Rose Game, these Tupperware party games can be altered to fit your needs if you do not sell Tupperware.

A clever tile-laying game where you out-maneuver your opponents by owning road, cities and monasteries.

It was suggested by one of our newest members Tammy C in NL that we should have a blog to keep folks up to date.

This allows us to share tips and training as well as specials or ideas with each other. Our team has grown alot in the last little while, we have members here in NS, in NL in PEI and even as far as BC. You earn a ticket for each question you ask me about my business.

Tupperware party games need to provide a benefit to Tupperware dealers as well as provide fun for the guests.

For those who sell Tupperware, Tupperware games can be played to increase datings or bookings.