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Homosexualita (z řeckého homós stejný a latinského sexus, pohlaví) v nejširším pojetí označuje princip vazby osob/tvorů/prvků vykazujících totožnou charakteristiku pohlavnosti (stejné pohlaví).

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Lucy, 39, meets men on the website Fantasy Feeder, and, if she likes them, agrees to an online feeding session.

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It’s not just a meaty figure those in the gaining community find erotic; it’s the journey to obesity that really gets this group off.In the past year or so Lucy has gained one and a half stone.Since she has always been a 'big girl' – 5ft 8in and 17st – she's not absolutely sure her husband has noticed. 'Though if I'm 100 per cent honest, I do think he finds me less attractive.' One thing is certain – he'd be horrified if he knew the reason behind his wife's weight gain.I walked through the gate and into the courtyard of the temple, and there was a monk sitting on the stairs.He came up to me and pointed to a scribbled “Bereza” on a piece of paper in his hand, so I nodded.It’s hard to gauge just how many members the gaining community has, as no official statistics on the subject exists, nor is it a topic commonly seen in academic literature.