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When you get mad, they'll smile and shrug: "But the waves were so good!
So here is what I did: : Decide how you want the tables set up. I put 10-15 books on each table to represent that genre. I also set up a Power Point with the directions for the minutes. As they came in, they noticed the signs and books, and I could already tell they were picking their genres, even though I hadn't said a word about what we were doing. The romance section was particularly popular, even with the boys, so I added some "non-pink" romances to that table for the boys.

Updating adobe air

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20 vulnerabilities in Windows and related software.Adobe released the fourth security update in nearly as many weeks for its Flash Player software, as well as a fix for Adobe AIR. Download Adobe AIR directly from the Adobe AIR Download Center at However, you can install an Adobe AIR application without administrative access in a location that is writeable by the current user account. This step downloads an Adobe AIR installer file to your computer. Note: Administrative access is always required for installation of Adobe AIR.What's more they aren't limited to using Adobe's library, but can create, share and use their own to create specific web applications.For users, Adobe AIR gives access to new and exciting rich internet applications (RIA) which can be run straight from their desktop.Both the application ID and the publisher ID of an update AIR file must match the application to be updated.

But that could change soon, so if you have Flash installed (and most users do), please take a moment to update it.

on Windows and Mac OS X systems (see the chart below for the most recent version numbers on other operating systems).

This patch fixes at least four security flaws in Flash Player.

These use very little memory, are usually quick to launch and execute and have very smooth animations.

A quick visit to the Adobe Showcase Gallery and you get an idea of the sort of applications that are being developed for Adobe AIR: a Google Analytics reporting suite, a Twitter desktop client, a movie discovery tool and much more.