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The main elements of pre- emergency planning are identified and discussed in chapter 5.

Mass evacuation entails, however, major disruption of normal life for large numbers of people and is only undertaken when the risks of staying in a threatened areas are judged to be unacceptable." "Awareness of the need to prepare for events such as volcanic eruptions and to provide protection against them, rather than simply to await and endure them, has been growing steadily throughout the world.

It is hoped that this handbook will be of help to those involved in pre- disaster planning." 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Basic elements of the plan 5.3 Time scales 5.4 Identification of hazard zones 5.5 Population census and inventory of property 5.6 Identification of safe transit points and refuge zones 5.7 Identification of evacuation routes 5.8 Means of transport, traffic control 5.9 Accommodation in refuge zones 5.10 Rescue, first aid and hospital services 5.11 Security in evacuated zones 5.12 Alert procedures within government 5.13 Formulation and communication of public warnings 5.14 Review and revision of plans It will be assumed in this chapter: (a) That in any community exposed to volcanic hazards there is general awareness of the hazard and of the attendant risks to life and property, and a general desire to take collective action to reduce these risks; (b) That a legislative framework exists within which it is possible to plan, organize, and put into effect, at the national and at the local level, appropriate protective measures, including if necessary the evacuation of threatened areas and assistance to evacuees; (c) That scientific knowledge of the potentially dangerous volcanoes is sufficiently advanced to permit the elaboration of "scenarios" of possible eruptions, their destructive effects and their social and economic consequences; (d) That it will be possible to have some warning of impending eruptions, either from visible signs of volcanic activity or from scientific monitoring of the volcanoes, and that this warning will be given in time for appropriate action to be taken; (e) That, if the above conditions are fulfilled, an emergency plan of action in case of eruption will be prepared for each potentially dangerous volcano.

The emergency plan for each volcano normal contains the following elements: One important question, which must be examined at the outset, is the relation between the time- scale of volcanic events and the time needed to put various protective measures (i.e., on-site protection and/or evacuation) into effect.

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Rick Flanagan was appointed as Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Houston in 2014. Flanagan oversees the emergency management program for the nation’s fourth-largest city, which includes the coordination of disaster mitigation, planning, response, and recovery.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) wrote in its 2013 National Preparedness report last week that during and immediately following Hurricane Sandy, “users sent more than 20 million Sandy-related Twitter posts, or “tweets,” despite the loss of cell phone service during the peak of the storm.” New Jersey’s largest utility company, PSE&G, said at the subcommittee hearing that during Sandy they staffed up their Twitter feeds and used them to send word about the daily locations of their giant tents and generators.

This event, which helps non-hospital healthcare facilities such as nursing homes, hospice and dialysis centers better prepare for emergencies.

The text has been kept as concise as possible, with numerous references to actual events." "Against the more violent manifestations of volcanic activity, the only possible protection is escape from the threatened areas.

Mass evacuation and other protective measures are more effective if they are planned and organized before an emergency aries.

Mission Statement The Cheatham County Emergency Management Agency is committed to protect and serve the citizens and visitors of Cheatham County progressively through mitigation, preparation, response and recovery from all disasters, natural and manmade, with all available resources.

Directors EMA OFFICE Office Hours: Monday thru Friday - The EMA office is responsible for the long range planning for disasters that could affect Cheatham County.