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Updating gears of war 2

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500G of new achievements are also on the way, as well as the arrival of Gears of War 2 map Avalanche and Gears 3 map Rust Lung.On top of that, a difficulty level, dubbed Inconceivable, is coming to both Campaign and Horde.It's a new month, which means there's another big update for Gears of War 4 fans to check out.New in the May update are a couple of new multiplayer maps to dive into, the return of a Gears 2 hero, and more.As for the returning map, Security is the first classic Gears of War 2 map to come to Gears of War 4."This new reimagined setting for Security takes you to a fight over a glorious decadent COG depository, with stacks of gold bars providing makeshift cover throughout the map," Microsoft said.The revamped map takes place at a COG depository, where defensive lasers must be deactivated to reach important parts of the map.

The card is pretty gross-looking, as it even shows Carmine's missing innards.Meanwhile, the new Berserker and Last Stand skills for Heavies will give you the ability to deal and withstand more damage with Heavy Weapons when low on health.Several other new skills, including ones for Soldiers and Engineers are also on the way, all of which are detailed here.From Xbox Wire: In King of the Hill and one of the key central rings on Escalation, the security lasers will only block the side entrances to the top sandbags to focus on opening flanks rather than blocking off entire areas.In addition, the lasers are activated in Horde when pressing the button (rather than disabled), offering a short defensive window that kills enemies as they try to run through it.The update will also allow you to strengthen all of your skills up to Level 6.