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Updating rows in mysql

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But in many cases this only provides a modest improvement as each UPDATE operation still requires a round-trip communication with the database server.In the case where the application server and database server are on different hosts, the round-trip will involve network latency as well.But if there are a large number of rows that require an update, then the overhead of issuing large numbers of UPDATE statements can result in the operation as a whole taking a long time to complete.The traditional advice for improving performance for multiple UPDATE statements is to “prepare” the required query once, and then “execute” the prepared query once for each row requiring an update.A really good resource The Data Loading Performance Guide.This addresses a lot of performance optimization you can do e.g Enabling TF610, Using BCP OUT/IN, SSIS etc. Are you directly writing SQL on My SQL Query Browser or using from inside PHP or C# or something else.

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But we can group the updates according to the value being set, and then do one UPDATE statement per distinct value.A requirement arises in many systems to update multiple SQL database rows.For small numbers of rows requiring updates, it can be adequate to use an UPDATE statement for each row that requires an update.This assumes that the source is also suitable for multiple processes selecting without overlapping / locking etc., and making that side of the operation even slower (hint: create a clustered index on the source that suits the partitioning scheme on the destination).You may also consider something a lot more primitive, like Do not blindly drop indexes (esp. Dropping the index and expecting to recreate a clustered index can be a huge mistake because it can cost both huge disk space plus huge amount of time. Look at the "Plan B" description in this article…. Looking at your problem from an SSIS perspective I feel the reason this may have taken so long is that you didn't have batching on.In this page, we have discussed how to insert values of one table into another table using My SQL INSERT INTO statement and My SQL LEFT JOIN.