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Her devastation is hardly surprising, perhaps, given that she is said to have considered London-born Rachel a friend, after the two women spent time together on the Canadian set of the upcoming horror film Dream House last year, in which Weisz stars with Craig.
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Updating ruby on the mac

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It's important to use head version before reporting errors as those could be already using the auto flag RVM will know to update the user configuration files to the best known way of sourcing RVM.

Every month or two a stable release of RVM is created, it includes minor version increase.

If you are already a Ruby master and want to move on to Rails now, then I recommend reading Chapter 3, First Steps with Rails.

Installing Rails can be one of the trickiest things to overcome for a newbie to Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Mac OS 10.7 includes Ruby version 1.8.7 as standard. With RVM, you can install and run any number of Ruby and Rails versions as normal user (without root rights and in your home directory).

To avoid interfering with the existing Ruby and Rails installation and therefore the packet management of Mac OS X, we install Ruby 1.9.3 and Rails 3.2 with RVM (Ruby Version Manager).