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Updating the bean value jsf

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I have incorporated a promote/demote button for each document alongside the existing action components in

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Generally, there are two ways : Render hidden field with plain HTML input, hard-coded new hidden value and access in backing bean via get Request Parameter Map() method.

In most cases, however, you need application-specific validations.

You can build custom validation tags, but it is easier to use the package jsfdb.view; ...

Now my first problem was, if i am editing the value in the text field, how i can update the value of violation Amt in backing bean. As i am using Prime Faces, i came across concept remote Command. Problem was that, whenever this code was running, the violation amount in violation Web DTO was the old one, not the one which i was entering after making the input field editable.

Though i saw in firebug the updated value was part of request but in the backing bean, however still old value was getting referred. My senior told me, you are updating value of read Only on client side not server side, and updated my code something like this. The ready Only value is set to true and false from the backing bean itself. It's not a complete code but i tried to explain the confusion.