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If the APK file does not exist on Google Play, we'll search it in our cache or other certified APK host site and download it.
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Updating the g1

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If all else fails, each products Instruction Manual should detail how the firmware version can be accessed. AD600B / AD600BM – Press the Menu button and the firmware version is displayed at the top right corner.Its also important to follow Godox’s instructions on draining any remaining power from the device where needed, before connecting to the computer – Godox use various methods to access and display the firmware version currenly installed on their flashes and radio triggers – X1T – Turn device OFF. Godox – Firmware Updates English Website Godox – Firmware Updates Chinese Website Godox – Original Firmware Update Discussion .The G1 firmware update software, and new firmware update files are available now from the Godox Download Page. NOTE – Firmware files downloaded using the Internet Explorer browser are for some reason changed to a file extension, instead of the regular file type.

Discussion around issues with Godox’s original firmware updated software and procedures can be seen here.

If everything went well, you are now a proud owner of a rooted G1. If the login fails, you might need to add your APN settings (use the Menu button to add a new APN profile).

If you don’t have a dataplan, it is also possible to use wifi to sign in. Before we can install a custom firmware we need to install the test sign keys.

This update wont overwrite your OS (Bootloader and OS are two separate parts) If you want to revert to the original G1 bootloader, use the file attached in the XDA topic. If you are unfamiliar with the different types of firmwares, I recommend to use either the Official ADP firmware (1.5) from HTC or a customized firmware made by Jesusfreke.

If you’re upgrading to a new firmware, be sure to apply the radio update before the system/recovery image.