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Updating the kernel in ubuntu

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Is it a little bit too early or should I update the kernel by hand? For systems which are upgraded to 16.04.2 the current kernel series is maintained unchanged.

If you have upgraded your system to 16.04.2 and want to have the new kernel and X server, then you must opt in by explicitly installing the hardware enablement stack: @musbach: The first enrolls only the kernel in the HWE; the second enrolls both the kernel and the X server.

He works for a worldwide leading consumer product company and takes great pleasure in using FOSS tools to increase productivity in all areas of his daily work.

In this article we’ve shown how to easily upgrade the Linux kernel on Ubuntu system.

There is yet another procedure which we haven’t showed here as it requires compiling the kernel from source, which is not recommended on production Linux systems.

The Linux kernel is has regular releases, offering new features and improvements that you have to wait for in a new distribution release - unless you manually upgrade the Linux kernel. an important piece of software found in every operating system.

It acts as a mediator between the software you run every day (e.g.