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Only by disabling one or the other could I even look up a host name. I will try to downgrade to Avast 8 but if that fails Ill look to AVG or something else. Boot time defrag nice option though slow on multiple drive set ups.
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Updating wmi

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Therefore, you should avoid changing WMI-provided objects.

If you do make such changes, record them so that you can reproduce them after the upgrade. WMI hotfixes are sometimes included in operating system service packs.

* Search classes, methods and properties for names matching specified criteria. * Automatic generation of WQL query for the selected Class/Instance.

You can synchronize on a particular CI or you can run the update from an automated Windows task.

Files generated by the execution of the WMIUpdater program: These files will be created in the folder at the executable "ESI. Updating the WMI configuration from Octopus enables you to quickly update in real time, a specific CI. WMIUpdater App.exe) allows the update of the configuration in Octopus (hardware and software) of computers in your network.If the program cannot retrieve the configuration information of a workstation, the workstation will end up in the WMI error report.This allows administrators and users to examine configuration information using standard Windows-based management tools or code.In addition, administrators and users can update the values of the WMI objects using standard Windows-based management tools or code.If you want to install or upgrade WMI, see the Microsoft Web site at