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In addition to appearing in school productions, she was a member of a theater group that tackled social issues.

Updating xml using linq

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Using XML files to cache often-used, but seldom changed data such as US state codes, employee types and other validation tables can avoid network roundtrips and speed up your application.In addition, XML files are great for off-line applications where a user needs to add, edit and delete data when they can’t connect to a database.On my earlier articles, I have described about working with linq on sql server database, which usually known as ‘Linq To SQL‘.Today I am going to show how linq can be applied on XML data along with c# code examples. I am assuming you are already familiar with basic Linq usage.When working with an XML document we are often interested in a particular element or attribute value or a particular subset of elements and attribute values. Moreover, the same standard query operators can be used with LINQ to Objects, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entity Framework, or any other LINQ providers.

Because LINQ to XML can utilize LINQ's query syntax and assortment of standard query operators, LINQ to XML code is usually very terse and readable. Specifically, we explore how to query XML documents using axis methods as well as how to search and filter XML documents using both LINQ's class, which represents an XML element. XPath is a standardized syntax for filtering XML documents.After reading Rubber Duck's link I think XML serialization is what I want to pursue.this implementation of read/write is very hard coded and would not be easily adapted to larger situations where large XML documents are being processed or if they are in a different format structure.You will also see how to use isolated storage to store your XML files.An XML data file called is located in the \Xml folder of the Silverlight sample project for this article. Sheriff is a Business Solutions Architect with Fairway Technologies, Inc. When people think of having to store data for their applications, a database such as SQL Server immediately comes to mind.